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Murfreesboro Chiropractic Facility: Our Stanlick Chiropractic Services and Techniques

Our objective here at Stanlick is to give our patients the very best pain management and chiropractic care in the entire Murfreesboro area. Our Murfreesboro chiropractor hails from Ontario Canada and pain managementmoved to the United States to obtain his degree from the National University of Health Sciences in Chicago. When Dr. Stanlick suffered a serious hockey injury as a young man and had trouble healing from the injury, he sought the help of a chiropractor, who was able to resolve his neck pain and give him effective pain management. Following that experience, Dr. Stanlick was inspired to seek a career in this area, helping others to recover from back pain, neck pain, sciatica, whiplash, headache, and other injuries.

Our Techniques for Pain Management

We have a large arsenal of pain management techniques at our disposal, and are prepared to handle back pain, neck trouble, headaches, and most any type of pain with our chiropractic techniques. We use gentle non-invasive methods of vertebrae manipulation, back exercises, massage therapy, heat therapy and cold therapy to help heal back pain and other injuries. Our techniques will never rely on prescription medications or surgeries: Our Murfreesboro chiropractor and chiropractic staff have learned through years of experience and training that natural healing is the best healing.

Chiropractic care uses gentle spinal manipulations to correct a back that is not properly aligned. This can happen naturally over years or suddenly in an accident, but in both cases the pain and discomfort can be severe. The doctor will carefully move the spinal vertebrae into the correct positions. This takes the pressure off the inflamed areas, a common problem with back and neck issues like compressed discs and other disc and joint problems.

Massage therapy is sometimes used along with the spinal adjustments. This therapy is a way to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation, reduce swelling, stop muscle spasms, and help encourage the injured area to respond to the spinal adjustments more quickly. Massage therapy is a pain-free therapy that actually feels so good that patients may even relax enough to fall asleep during treatment!
neck pain
We want to make sure that our patients have the tools they need to succeed once they leave our offices, so we teach our patients "blueprint" exercises, custom designed for each patient, that aid in strengthening and recovery. The exercises are designed to complement the care provided by our staff, and can help improve skeletal alignment, muscle tone, and overall strength.

We also realize that good health is much more than just a "quick fix": It involves your whole body! For this reason, we offer personal nutritional counseling. Our staff helps interested patients to design a healthy eating plan that will include the right nutritious (and delicious) foods, as well as nutritional supplements and vitamins as needed. Optimal health should always be approached with full knowledge, and that is what we are here to help you achieve!

Whether it is sciatica, back pain, pain in the neck or arms, arthritis, chronic headache pain, or any type of chronic or acute pain, our Murfreesboro chiropractor is here to help you heal. We will give you a course of gentle healing treatments, which you can then combine with the guided back exercises we will give you. With our "Natural is Best" philosophy, you will soon learn that natural healing is also fastest, and will leave you with only one side effect: Better health for your whole body! Call us today at 615-907-7400.

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Stanlick Chiropractic is wonderful. The atmosphere is clean and friendly. I would recommend Stanlick Chiropractic to my friends and family.

Sara S.

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