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Natural Pain Relief Through Chiropractic Care

If you have back pain or other discomfort from a chronic health problem or injury, you might assume that to alleviate your discomfort you must undergo major corrective surgery or take prescription medications for an extended period of time. While in some cases drugs or surgerynatural pain relief might be the best solution to your problem, here at Stanlick Chiropractic in Murfreesboro we have succeeded in helping many patients enjoy serious pain relief and pain management the natural way. Chiropractic adjustment, massage therapy, physical rehabilitation and other non-invasive, drug-free techniques treat pain by correcting the underlying reason for the pain’s origins.
Much of the pain people suffer stems from pressure being placed on nerves, the conduits for sensory and motor signals throughout the body. In the case of back pain, for example, spinal misalignment or degeneration can cause the vertebrae or intervertebral discs to push outward and apply stress to the sciatic nerve, spinal cord or other large nerves. These nerves respond by firing pain signals into your back, legs or other extremities. Adjustment gently and painlessly corrects alignment and spacing problems without introducing foreign objects into the body or cutting into tissues. Your body then engages its own healing processes to make you well. Compressed or displaced discs have an opportunity to repair themselves, while formerly pinched nerves stop sending "distress calls" in the form of pain signals.
Massage therapy is another natural way to relieve back pain, neck pain or other musculoskeletal discomforts. Depending on what technique we use, massage can simply relax overworked muscles or it can work more deeply to resolve nagging problems such as adhesions. Adhesions are collections of scar tissue that can make even small motions painful. We use deep tissue massage to break the scar tissue's hold on your body and relieve that pain without drugs.
This kind of natural pain relief is also invaluable in cases where pain management, rather than permanent relief, is the practical course of action. Some long-term chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia have no ready cure, so many sufferers end up dependent on pain-numbing (and sometimes mind-numbing) drugs to get through a typical day. Spinal adjustment, massage therapy and other natural pain relief methods can free these patients from the side effects and expense of constant painkillers. Periodic adjustments and deep tissue massage sessions, for instance, can undo the painful knots associated with fibromyalgia for months at a time. Best of all, these pain management methods actually improve your overall health by enhancing nerve, circulatory and immune function.

Our Murfreesboro Chiropractor Implements All-Natural Pain Management Plans

Talk to our Murfreesboro chiropractor, Dr. Stanlick, about your back pain or other symptoms before committing to surgery or painkillers. He can evaluate your problem and tell you honestly whether our non-invasive, natural pain relief or pain management methods would be a good alternative for you. 

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