For many of us, a common complaint is that “there are never enough hours in the day”. And you can easily rattle off the list of what is taking up your precious 24 hours – work, kids, pets, cooking, cleaning, and so much more. The very thought of adding a chiropractor’s appointment into your time sounds like a nightmare. Where will you squeeze in the time, won’t you have to take off work, and where will you find the money?

With questions and bills piling up, adding another thing to worry about – especially when it doesn’t seem like a real doctor’s appointment – just doesn’t make sense. However, most chiropractors have flexible hours to service the clientele that works office jobs. And as far as cost goes, chiropractors are very insurance-friendly or have affordable plans to help anyone get out of back pain. You’d be surprised how worth it to your time and wallet a chiropractor visit can be. Here are ten easy reasons why taking time to visit a chiropractor is worth it.

1. Back & Neck Pain Relief

Probably the most obvious reason to visit a chiropractor is if you’re suffering from back or neck pain. Some people only visit a chiropractic office when they wake up with occasional back pain. Or if you’ve been in a car accident, you’ll be advised to visit a chiropractor to minimize long-term damage.

For others, chronic back or neck pain is a part of their life. Chiropractors use a variety of treatments to provide a long-term solution. Some of these methods include adjustments, massage therapy, k-laser therapy, and spinal decompression.

There are many reasons someone could have back pain: sleeping in the wrong position, having scoliosis, sciatica, degenerative disk disease, disc herniations, or simply having poor posture are all culprits. 

A chiropractor’s job is to build a custom plan to help alleviate that pain. Sometimes, they can even build a plan that’s an alternative to back surgery!

2. Headache Relief

The vast majority of Americans suffer from headaches – spanning from annoying aches to crippling migraines. If you’ve found that your headaches are interfering with your daily life, or you find yourself popping pain pills to ward off the headaches, it might be time to visit a chiropractor to see if they can treat the root cause.

For some people, headaches and migraines are caused by pressure on their neck and spine. Spinal and neck manipulation can help relieve how often you have headaches and their strength when they do happen.

3. Better Sleep

Sleep can be evasive, and some are lucky to catch a few winks each night with the assistance of sleep aids. Even if you don’t notice a lack of sleep, but you always wake up groggy no matter how much you’ve slept, it’s possible you suffer from poor sleep quality.

Your body works hard while you sleep, and spending energy on an aching back can be detrimental. A misaligned spine can cause your body stress with pain and healing. Your sleep posture could also be a cause of your daily back or neck pain. Ask your chiropractor what they advise if you often wake up with an aching body.

To improve your sleep, chiropractors use manipulation therapy that increase blood flow in your body. Aligning the vertebrae in your spine will accelerate healing, reduce pain, and help you rest better.

4. Pregnancy Benefits

We all know that as a woman’s body is developing a child, it undergoes a lot of changes in a short period of time. Her hips are widening, her lower back is adjusting, and more. If you remember growth spurts, you know how fast changes leave your body aching. Now imagine those changes you experienced but condensed to nine months instead of several years. Ouch!

An expecting mother often experiences headaches, back pain, and a general feeling of discomfort. Thankfully, a chiropractic specialty is helping pregnant women find pain relief. They can help manipulate the body to go through its changes easier. Benefits can include reduced weight gain, balanced hormones, and improved quality of sleep. A pain-free mother means a happier and healthier pregnancy! 

5. Blood Pressure Normalization

Hypertension – or high blood pressure due to stress – affects a third of Americans. Although it doesn’t have noticeable symptoms, it can lead to severe heart problems such as strokes and heart diseases. Most people choose to take medication to keep their blood pressure.

Chiropractic adjustments have been found to help significantly drop blood pressure readings. Chiropractors focus on relieving stress on the top of the neck, which has been found to relieve tension and lower blood pressure.

6. Stress Relief

One of the best things about a chiropractic visit is that it feels great. You’re in professional hands that know how to address concerns and help with pains that you may have. Not only that, the pain relief that you get from having your back adjusted (especially if you follow it up with massage therapy) feels phenomenal. Many people report walking away from the chiropractor feeling loose, relaxed, and overall in a better state of mind than they arrived.

Not to mention, when you make chiropractic care a regular part of your health routine, your back will thank you. Having less pain in your body means you’re not fighting yourself to focus and be in the moment. Other benefits listed in this article help with stress relief – better sleep, better blood pressure, and pain relief leave a person fe

7. Improved Digestion

Because your spine is part of your central nervous system, any misalignments on it can cause signals to not be transmitted from your nervous system to your digestive system. That can cause a whole slew of problems, as you can imagine. Many patients report having digestive issues resolved after having a chiropractic adjustment.

If digestive issues are something you regularly experience, chat with your chiropractor next time you’re in to see if they have a plan to help!

8. Alternative To Medication

Let’s say you go into your practitioner for pain. They’ll either refer you to a chiropractor, or they’ll prescribe some pain pills. In this day and age, it can feel like every single issue can be medicated for.

It’s very common for Americans to take some medication in the morning and push through the day with a vague throbbing of back, neck, hip, or other chronic pain.What if you were told that you didn’t have to live that way? 

When it comes to back pain, it’s very common to have discs that are compressed or slipped. Adjustments or spinal decompression can provide long-term solutions by manipulating the spine into place and allowing nutrients to flow into the discs and assist with healing.

Chiropractic care can help your back heal, your posture improve, and benefit the rest of your body too!

9. Improved Athletic Performance

A chiropractor is an expert on the human body, specifically the range of motion that it has. It’s common for athletes to habitually visit a chiropractor for check-ups and adjustments. A chiropractor will be able to test the athlete’s range of motion and determine if they are fit to perform or if there are any issues that may hinder their abilities. Some chiropractors can also discuss techniques with the athlete and provide tips to avoid injury and stress on their body. 

Even if you’re not looking to join the NBA, anyone who is athletically inclined, enjoys an active lifestyle, or just likes being able to play with their kids and move without pain would benefit from chiropractic visits.

10. Overall Health Improvement

There’s a reason that people compare things that are essential as the backbone of their operation. Basically, your spine is a big deal to your health; not only does the bone structure support your upper body- which contains your organs and everything vital to your survival, but your spine is also part of the central nervous system. 

Your central nervous system is the way your body communicates with itself and your brain, so if your spine is misaligned, then it can cause problems with your body’s communication and ability to function at its best.

A chiropractic visit can help get you back into top shape and help you feel holistically better- even if you’re not experiencing back pain.

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