Sometimes you need to send in the right professional for the job

When people think of seeing a chiropractor, there may be a tendency to think that seeing such a specialized professional is a last resort sort of measure. Or when people have an accident or an injury, their first instinct may be to see if they can “walk it off,” and then see a doctor or chiropractor if the pain becomes untenable. While a chiropractor can certainly offer assistance and service in dire circumstances, there is an argument that regular consultation with a chiropractor can prevent back injury and contribute to your general quality of life. Here are signs that may indicate seeing a chiropractor is a good idea, even if your back does not hurt.

1.) You Were Involved in an Accident

If you slipped down the stairs, were in a car crash, or took a hard hit at a sporting event, that would be cause to see a doctor or chiropractor. Sounds obvious, right? The problem arises when you encounter one of these dangerous situations, and end up coming out of it feeling fine. If there is no obvious pain, it may seem pointless to see a medical professional. But it is possible that something went slightly out of alignment that may compound in intensity over time. Or in a particularly dire circumstance, you may have even sustained nerve damage that is masking your ability to fully process and recognize the pain. It is completely worth getting a professional opinion on the state of your body, to clear up any pain you may be feeling now, or just to ensure that you will not encounter serious pain down the road.

2.) Range of Motion Becomes Increasingly Limited

As we age, it may seem just natural that our bodies become less flexible than they used to be. But if you are finding yourself unable to turn your head or neck as far as you used to, or if you are encountering pain while trying to perform these movements then a chiropractor may be able to help get you some range of motion back. Simply chalking it up to “getting old” may also needlessly let the problem get progressively worse than it has to. Stiff muscles and reduced blood flow can decrease your flexibility, which will limit your movements, which may cause even more rigid muscles and sluggish blood flow.

3.) Your Job has you Sitting. Like a Lot.

If you have an office job that has you situated in front of a computer, you are likely in that position for the vast majority of your day, hours at a time. At first, this might seem difficult to get wrong. How does one manage to mess up sitting down? But day after day of sitting hunched over a keyboard can lead to some bad posture. This can place undue stress on your back, neck, and shoulders. And given enough time this pressure can misalign your vertebrae and even lead to slipped discs. Being mindful of improving and maintaining your posture will, of course, help considerably. But a chiropractor can diagnose if anything is slowly moving out of place and make sure that the trend does not continue.

4.) Headaches

When your head hurts, it may seem unintuitive to consider your back being the culprit. But headaches have a number of causes, which can include oxygen deprivation, and suboptimal blood flow to the brain. A chiropractor can examine the connections between your head and body and may relieve headaches by improving your blood flow and making sure the oxygen supply to your brain is healthy and unimpeded.

5.) Chronic Back Pain

This is a very clear indication that you may need to see a chiropractor. Chronic back pain can come from any number of sources, including being on your feet for prolonged periods of time, an active lifestyle that involves a lot of movement or even having a lot of stress going on in your life. However, if you go it alone and try to treat it on your own, you may find yourself regularly consuming painkillers just to stay functional. A chiropractor can prescribe means to relieve your pain while likely avoiding the need for invasive surgeries or ongoing medication.

6.) You Just Want to Be Your Best Self

Even in a time of peace and good health, seeing a chiropractor can be a meaningful endeavor. Chiropractors are well trained in ways of keeping your body healthy and will be able to provide considerable information. Be it exercise techniques, diet and nutritional advice, and even ways to keep your stress low, a chiropractic consultation may go a long way in keeping yourself healthy in both body and mind.

Much like an automobile, your body is a complex and sophisticated machine that is meant to put in a lot of work. While it is natural to take your car in after a crash or accident, savvy auto owners know that regular maintenance will improve the life and performance of your vehicle. So too is the case with your back and spine. If you regularly see a chiropractor or heed perhaps more subtle warning signs to do so, you can ensure that your back holds up as long as you do.

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