When you hear about someone resorting to a chiropractor to fix a problem, the first thing you may assume is that they somehow hurt their back. A fairly reasonable assumption, as the primary chiropractic skillset could be described as the diagnosis and direct, manipulative treatment of the joints mainly related to the spinal column. It is undoubtedly true that a chiropractor is a medical professional that can specifically assist with back injuries to tremendous effect. What you may not realize is that chiropractic is being increasingly utilized to treat maladies that at first may not seem directly related. In particular, more people are turning to chiropractors to help alleviate symptoms related to seasonal allergies. Sound unlikely?

Consider the following:

What are Allergies, really?

An allergy is basically what occurs when the body encounters a foreign substance, interprets it as harmful, then proceeds to overreact to it. What the body exactly reacts to is different for everybody, but many people exhibit commonly recognizable symptoms depending on the allergy. Pollen and animal dander can cause the sinuses to become hypersensitive and may produce fits of sneezing and difficulty breathing. If something comes into contact with the skin that the body considers a risk, then this may produce redness, itchiness, or cracking of the skin. If the body is unable to handle certain foods like lactose or shellfish, then consuming these may bring on swelling, cramps, or even vomiting. All of these are a result of the body’s immune system perceiving certain substances as harmful, then instinctively releasing histamines as a countermeasure. These chemicals prompt the aforementioned reactions and symptoms from the body in an attempt to expel the supposedly dangerous substance.

How can Chiropractic possibly help with Allergies?

Chiropractic adjustments at first appear very consequential to the joints and the bones in the back and spine. It is very true that if your spine is out of alignment, then a chiropractor is specially trained to diagnose and treat this problem. But what must be understood is that the back is such a nexus of vital muscles and organs, and is an integral part of the body’s central nervous system. These are the same pathways that transmit information on whether or not the body considers something harmful enough to elicit an allergic reaction. If the back is misaligned, this can eventually produce an abnormal focal irritation in the vertebrae, which will, in turn, affect the signals being interpreted by the nervous system.

In some cases, this may cause the body to misinterpret this information and even produce an allergic reaction where none is needed. When your spine and back are well maintained through regular chiropractic care, this optimizes the circulation of blood and nutrients, which may allow your body to handle or neutralize allergic reactions better than usual. Because there is such a wide variance of allergies and reactions, current medical research does not guarantee that chiropractic will categorically relieve allergy symptoms. But in many studies patients are reporting results due to the improved flexibility and boost to the nervous system.

Allergies are a chronic affliction that many find a way to put up with every year. Everyone’s case can be different and may react to treatment in varying ways. But if you think you may be ready to try an unconventional path to relief from your allergies, consult your doctor and see if chiropractic might be the choice for you.

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