For many people, fall is a time of transition. It’s this intermediary period after the sun-soaked heady days of summer and before the gathering and traditions of the holiday season. For most of the country, the weather grows colder, leaves fall from the trees, and the sky grows darker earlier in the day. But whether or not you hold any particular fondness for autumn, the fact remains there are a number of unique activities and rituals either unique to the season or are enhanced by the circumstances. If you want to try something new and fun this season, consider some of the following ideas.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins are possibly the most famous gourd associated with fall. They are traditionally carved into jack-o-lanterns during the Halloween season. Even after October, they are symbolic of the season acting as pleasing decorations and also being converted into delicious pies. Nowadays, picking up a pumpkin is as simple as strolling into your local supermarket. But visiting a pumpkin patch comes with some unique perks that make it a worthwhile activity.

For one thing, there is often a hayride involved. While not being mainly known for its comfort, taking a hayride to a patch of pumpkins with a group of friends can make for a great time. Pumpkin patches tend to have a more extensive selection than most stores, which can make sure you walk away with the pumpkins most suited for your needs. One other upside is that many pumpkin patches tend to be local operations, which could benefit from your patronage.

Visit a Haunted House

Seasonal haunted house attractions become available around this time of year. If you are looking for a thrill, visiting one of these with friends can make for a memorable night. Because of the nature of this sort of attraction, you will need to decide if it’s up your alley. Going to a haunted house means you are prepared to submit yourself to the potentially frightening artistry on display, and as a good patron must pay respect to the actors you might meet. If you plan on going with other people, you have to make sure everyone is on board, so a member of the group does not incidentally bring down the experience for anyone else. Of course, if the show gets a little too intense, if you announce in a clear voice that you want to exit the event, most professional haunted houses train its actors to assist you expediently. But if you are otherwise prepared to submit yourself to the experience, you may be in for good time that you really cannot find at other times of the year.

Navigate a Corn Maze

Corn mazes are not necessarily exclusive to autumn, but many tend to see increased traffic as a seasonal activity. Just like it sounds, a corn maze is a cornfield with a labyrinth carved into it. A life-sized puzzle, the objective is to enter at a certain point and navigate the maze successfully to exit from another location. Since it’s a maze, there is a high probability of becoming lost at some point. But these mazes can be tackled in broad daylight and for the most part, are rated for virtually all ages. As a family activity, trying to either competitively or cooperatively navigate a giant maze is a distinct experience not soon forgotten. Most mazes provide a map or have personnel on-site that can help if you really get stumped.

Make an Apple Cobbler

For many, a good apple cobbler is one of the signature desserts of the fall season. By its design, a cobbler is a straightforward form of dessert that easily comes out delicious. Baking it produces fragrant aromas in your kitchen and makes for a great activity both solo or with friends and family. If you want an extra special treat, you might consider visiting a local orchard for the apples. Going to a local apple orchard can be a grand day out in and of itself, much like visiting a pumpkin patch. These farms may just sell you apples by the bushel, but some operations may even let you pick the apples yourself. Using locally sourced apples will likely not only make for an excellent cobbler, but if you make enough to share with friends and relatives, it makes for a highly interesting topic of conversation, too.

Get a Massage

You might think that getting a massage is good any time of year, and not exclusively fall. But as previously noted, fall lies right after the travel and activity of summer and before the rigors and holiday obligations of winter. If you are due for a backrub, you might consider getting it done now as a means of recovering from summer and preparing for winter. If you find yourself needing to acclimate to the colder weather, a warm spa might be an ideal way to do so.
Another thing you might consider is visiting a chiropractor. While at a glance, it may seem very similar to getting a massage, chiropractic is more like a discipline of integrative medicine that is directly concerned with maladies and misalignments of the spine. If you had a particularly trying summer or if you are the kind of person who experiences increased back and joint pain as the weather gets colder, this is something you may want to consider. Speaking with a chiropractor can ensure your spine is prepared for the stress of winter, and if necessary, they can perform an adjustment, so your back is on track.
Compared to the other seasons, some might think fall gets comparatively overlooked. It doesn’t have the snow or gift-giving traditions common in winter. It may not have the fresh start feel of spring. And perhaps it doesn’t bring to mind the outings and vacations customarily associated with summer. But autumn heralds some of the most unique and fun times of the year. Knowing what to look for can lead to some great experiences and memories for you, your friends, and your family.

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