So you might be thinking of consulting a chiropractor. You feel getting an adjustment will fix what’s ailing you, and then you can get on with your life pain-free. To be clear, a chiropractic session will undoubtedly help. You will walk out with your muscles relaxed, your joints loose, and full of energy. However, like most things worth doing, it’s rarely that simple. If you are considering a chiropractor, chances are you have encountered or are currently enduring some trauma that requires healing. Yet healing is a process that typically cannot be completed in a single session. Just like how going to a gym requires some extra effort outside of a workout to maintain gains, there are steps and measures you can take beyond your chiropractic adjustments to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment.

Stay Active, Stay Hydrated

When you go to a chiropractor and get adjusted, you will likely find yourself walking out in better shape than when you came in. Your body may be relaxed, and your range of motion significantly improved. If this is the case, make sure you are not sitting still. While it may be tempting to relax further and revel in your pain-free state, you need to move your body so that your muscles can naturally build upon what your chiropractor has already started. By maintaining that momentum, you can continually heal and improve so your body can eventually become more self-reliant.
Another critical thing to keep in mind is drinking enough fluids. Doing so will help with your circulation, as well as ensure that your body tries to remain clear of impurities.

Mind Your Posture

The time you spend at your chiropractor’s office is but a fraction of your week. Most likely you spend the bulk of your time at a job or occupation. If like millions of other people in the world, you work at an office desk or cubicle job then you may have encountered the challenges of maintaining good posture while getting your various tasks done throughout hours and hours of work. Even if it seems like a trifle or a constant inconvenience to deal with, having even slightly poor posture will add up, considering the amount of time most of us have to spend at work. If you have bad posture for most of the waking hours you are not in a chiropractor’s office, then that may affect the returns and duration of the benefits from your adjustments.

Work Out Your Core

Getting sufficient exercise should be an objective for everyone, regardless of age or health level. To augment your chiropractic adjustments you do not necessarily have to become a gym rat, but becoming familiar with some exercises that work your core is advisable. Many Americans do not focus on their core, and this can lead to a weak back and a tendency for poor posture. Consult your doctor or a trainer for advice on how to maintain solid core health. You may also ask for advice on stretches you can do throughout the day for flexibility and relaxation. Keeping up with some solid exercise will help you get the most out of your chiropractic treatments.

Sleep Enough, and Sleep Well

The amount of time you spend at work may only be rivaled by how much time you spend getting vital rest at night. Sleep is an essential part of the entire human experience. Not only does getting enough sleep mean being less tired, but when you enter the deep stages of sleep, your pituitary gland secretes hormones that greatly assist with the healing process. You may need to be mindful of not just the duration of sleep you are getting each night, but the quality of the rest as well. If able, an appraisal of your mattress and pillows can help you improve the quality of your sleep, and thus your overall health and recovery. Your mattress needs to be firm enough so that your body isn’t sagging into an unnatural posture overnight while being soft enough to cradle your back and spine comfortably. Your pillow needs to provide support for the natural curve of your neck while preventing strain from maintaining any awkward angles. Making sure your bed is up to snuff can be a costly proposition and may understandably be something that needs to be considered over time. However, when you consider that practically a third of your life is spent in bed, it is an investment worth keeping in mind.

Chiropractic adjustments are an excellent step to take toward improved health and wellness. But it is just one step of an overall longer journey. Communicate with your doctor or chiropractor so you can be assured that wherever you want to be with your health and condition, you are on the right track.

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