When we think about aches and pains, we usually think about our adult bodies that seem to suffer strains and sprains at the slightest wrong movement. Children and infants can also suffer from misalignments in their spines that can cause pain, stiffness, or other problems. Here are four benefits of chiropractic adjustment for younger patients:

1. Support for Growing Bones

Our bodies are made up of moving parts, and it’s easy for these parts to slip out of place, especially when a child’s growth has changed their body’s proportions or weight. Kids tend to work and play hard. Hunching over a desk at school and hauling a backpack takes a toll on young backs. Rough play and trips and falls can also cause misalignments, what chiropractors call subluxations, in the spine. As a child grows, regular adjustments can help to keep them aligned so their changing bodies can move freely. Spinal adjustment frees the nervous system to work optimally so it can support your child’s brain and immune development. 

Adjustment is especially helpful for children who are learning how to walk, as their spine is going through a significant transformation during this period. Kids who have gone through sudden growth spurts can sometimes struggle with balance or even pain in their legs. Adjustment is a safe, non-invasive treatment for these common childhood concerns. When kids receive regular adjustments, it prevents subluxations from building up and causing long-term problems.

2. Help with Childhood Illness

Chronic ear infections are one of the most common illnesses in infants and young children. Recurring ear infections may be a sign that your child’s Eustachian tubes are not draining properly. A buildup of fluid in these tubes that lead from the inner ear to the throat can attract bacteria and cause infection. Subluxations in your child’s neck may be to blame. Special adjustment techniques can correct these misalignments and allow your child’s ears and sinuses to drain properly. Several studies have shown that regular adjustment helps to treat and prevent frequent ear and sinus infections in children. According to one study 95% of children with ear infections showed improvement after chiropractic adjustment.

The spine houses the spinal cord, and misalignments in the spine can harm the action of nerves that interact with other body systems. The immune system is mediated by the nervous system and won’t function correctly if the nervous system is impaired. Regular adjustments can improve nervous system function and immune function. A healthy immune system can better fight off viruses and bacteria and is less likely to attack things it shouldn’t, like pollen.

Asthma is a frustrating and sometimes debilitating condition. Research has found that many asthma sufferers have subluxations in the middle part of their spine. Fixing these misalignments, and keeping them in line with regular adjustments, can reduce asthma symptoms and decrease the need for prescription medications. Many parents find that chiropractic adjustment dramatically increases the quality of life for their asthmatic child. 

3. Support for Brain Development

Neural pathways in infants and children can become blocked from traumas received during birth or from minor incidents like falls. Spinal adjustment clears neural pathways and supports healthy neurological development and neural plasticity. 

 Both anecdotal and scientific reports have noted positive transformations in children with ADHD following adjustment. Even in children without this diagnosis, adjustment can improve focus, reduce irritability and help with sleep. In both children and adults, regular adjustment has been shown to improve anxiety and depression symptoms. Many parents of children with autism spectrum disorders have also noticed a marked improvement in their child’s functioning after adjustments. 

Many parents struggle to get their children to sleep. This can be frustrating for the whole family and negatively impact the child’s brain development and ability to learn. Chiropractic adjustment is a safe and effective remedy for sleep problems in children and infants. It can even help reduce bed wetting in children who are outside of the normal age for this behavior. 

4. Help with Common Concerns in Infants

Infants can be adjusted with a gentle one or two-finger method that doesn’t hurt or “crack.” Chiropractors are specially trained in adjustment techniques for infants and small children. Many babies have subluxations caused by the birthing experience. These can lead to digestive problems like colic and to issues with latching and nursing. Sometimes infants cry and are irritable because they are uncomfortable or in pain from back or neck subluxations caused during birth. It can be difficult for parents to know what is causing the problem. A chiropractor can examine your infant to see if a musculoskeletal issue might be causing him or her to be overly fussy or irritable. 

Problems like colic, trouble nursing, and irritable baby syndrome can be exhausting and heart-wrenching for parents, but there is hope. Chiropractic adjustment can safely correct the misalignments responsible for these problems and help your infant be happier and healthier. Pediatricians sometimes recommend chiropractic adjustment for the treatment of colic and for nursing problems caused by stiffness in the baby’s neck or back. There’s no need to wait weeks or months for colic to resolve on its own or to stop nursing before you planned. 

Setting Your Child Up for Lifelong Wellness

At Stanlick Chiropractic, we have extensive experience treating children and infants. We believe that regular adjustment can be part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Our personalized, holistic approach to wellness includes nutritional guidance, lifestyle advice and chiropractic care. If you are concerned about your child’s sleep, asthma, or general well-being, don’t hesitate to bring them to our Murfreesboro clinics for an evaluation. We are confident that we can improve your child’s quality of life, and your peace of mind.