Patients suffering from chronic pain often think that pills and injections are their only treatment options. Fortunately, there are non-invasive treatments available that can provide real healing, not just the management of symptoms. Two of these are K-laser therapy and massage therapy. Here are the facts about how these treatments can improve the quality of life for those struggling with chronic pain.

What is K-laser Therapy?

 K-lasers use red and near-infrared spectrums of light that have been proven to stimulate circulation, decrease inflammation, and aid in healing. K-Laser therapy has been in use for over thirty years and is FDA approved as a safe and effective treatment for musculoskeletal pain. K-lasers should not be confused with other sorts of laser treatments used to remove tattoos, exfoliate the skin, or perform eye surgery. K-lasers are low-level lasers, meaning that they do not cut or penetrate the skin at all. If you watch a K-laser being used, you will see a red light shining on the patient’s skin. 

So how does light help your body heal? The process is similar to photosynthesis in plants. Your body’s cells turn the light into energy. This stimulates the body to release endorphins (your body’s natural pain killers), speed up collagen synthesis, and encourage other healthy cell processes. The result is faster healing and less pain.

 Laser therapy is completely non-invasive, and some patients even find it relaxing. Most patients experience a pleasant warming sensation during treatment. Best of all, this procedure is quick and comfortable. You will remain fully clothed during treatment, other than the area that is being treated. A technician will use the K-laser device (about the size of a flashlight) on the painful area. Treatments are short, usually less than twenty minutes, so you can get on with your day. 

What Problems Can it Treat?

Laser therapy can treat a variety of issues from back and neck pain, peripheral neuropathy, bruises, and chronic sinus congestion. Some patients experience complete relief after only one treatment, while others may need several. Most patients experience significant improvement after the first treatment. 

According to studies conducted about laser therapy’s effectiveness, 71% of patients with chronic back pain experienced a significant reduction of symptoms, and 45% of them said their pain was completely eliminated. Patients with knee injuries experienced improved knee flexion and pressure sensitivity after every laser therapy treatment. 

Laser therapy has shown promising results in studies of patients with diabetic neuropathy. These studies indicate that the treatment may help regenerate the myelin sheath, the protective coating around the nerve, damaged by diabetes. Patients with Fibromyalgia and other conditions that cause nerve pain can also experience relief with laser therapy. 

Other conditions treated include:

  • Sciatica
  • Herniated Disc Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Trigger Finger
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Headaches
  • TMJ
  • Arthritis Pain

How Can Massage Therapy Help Chronic Pain?

You may think of massage as a relaxing thing to do on vacation, but it actually has several medically acknowledged benefits. Massage is a wonderful treatment for chronic pain because it can address both the physical and psychological effects. Chronic pain is stressful, and stress often makes chronic pain worse. Massage can help to stop this vicious cycle. 

Seeing a massage therapist at a chiropractic clinic is ideal for chronic pain patients because these therapists will have more experience with the conditions that cause chronic pain. Massage can be focused on the area experiencing pain or used to relax the entire body. Often the pain is felt in an area distant from the actual source of the pain. An experienced massage therapist can help locate and relieve trigger points that may be causing pain in other areas of the body. 

Massage improves circulation, reduces inflammation, and relieves stress. It can also help the body produce more endorphins, thus causing natural pain relief. Many patients suffering from chronic pain have found that regular massage helps relieve their physical symptoms and improve feelings of anxiety and depression. 

What Treatments are Right For Me?

Talk to your chiropractor about the history of your chronic pain and any other medical conditions you have. He can recommend a treatment plan that is right for you. This plan might include more than one treatment, such as K-laser therapy, combined with chiropractic adjustments or massage combined with special stretches and home care. Everyone’s plan will be unique, but the goal will be the same: to help relieve your pain as quickly as possible so you can live a more comfortable life.