Massage Therapy

A massage can ease away the stress of the day – and do a whole lot more. Stanlick Chiropractic offers massage as a healing and rehabilitation tool to help treat back pain, neck pain, sciatica, sports injuries, and other conditions that can benefit from pain management. stanlick chiropractic massage therapyOur chiropractor, Dr. Mitch Stanlick, opened our clinic in 2004 and utilizes Murfreesboro massage therapy as part of full-body approach to wellness that also includes physiotherapy and chiropractic care. Massage can be used on its own or as part of a treatment plan that includes other techniques, ensuring the highest success rate for preventing chronic pain and future re-injury.

Massage Treatment for Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica, and Part of a Total Wellness Plan in Murfreesboro.

Massage consists of a series of movements that include rubbing, pressing, and manipulating muscles, ligaments, tendons and skin. The pressure can be light or deep, depending on the results desired and the condition our Murfreesboro chiropractor is treating. Regardless of the intensity of pressure used, our massage therapy is typically gentle and soothing, even if it is reaching deep into the tissues to target a specific trouble spot or trigger point. After a consultation and physical evaluation, Dr. Stanlick can advise if massage would benefit a particular situation and, if so, the best type of massage to employ.

Different types of massage are designed to help specific conditions, from neck pain to sciatica, with some of the most common including deep-tissue massage, Swedish massage, sports massage, and trigger point massage. Our massage treatment can consist of a single technique or a combination of techniques can be used to treat a combination of ailments, such as sciatica and back pain, stiff muscles and neck pain, or trigger point and stress relief.

Dr. Stanlick incorporates deep-tissue massage to reach the deepest layers of muscle and their connective tissue with slow and forceful strokes. This technique is particularly helpful with healing muscle damage from sprains, strains, other personal injuries that require pain management followed by a rehabilitation program tailored specifically for the ailment.

Swedish massage is the technique Dr. Stanlick selects for patients who need an overall relaxing yet energizing experience. Gentle, elongated strokes are coupled with deep circular movements, kneading, tapping and vibration to help alleviate tension and promote circulation.

With his background as a personal trainer, Dr. Stanlick is also experienced with sport massage, a technique similar to the Swedish massage but geared specifically toward patients who lead an active lifestyle that includes sports and physical activities. The gentle, tension-relieving sports massage can be used as part of pain management program to help treat existing injuries as it also helps prevent future injuries from occurring.

Trigger point massage is the most focused of his massage therapy techniques, designed to target specific trigger points. Trigger points are sensitive and often knotted areas of muscle fibers that can develop in muscles from overuse or injuries.

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