You take insurance, so that means everything is covered?

Yes, we take most major insurances. However, coverage will depend on what your individual benefits are, and they vary depending on your plan. We recommend talking to one of our insurance specialists to understand your coverage and cost.

How much is day one going to cost?

That depends on your insurance, if you have any, and if you have a co-pay or deductible. Insurances vary and we recommend talking to one of our insurance specialists to determine which option would be best for you. We do offer a discount program that you can enroll in.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the services you receive. The cash price for adjustments is $60. We have a discount program that would lower the cost to $49/visit. Insurances vary and we recommend talking to one of our insurance specialists to determine which option would be best for you.

What does the first visit entail?

On the first visit, we take a thorough history which allows us to determine the source of the problem and follow that with an exam. After that we take X-rays to see what we are working with and then, if needed, we do a treatment on the first day.

What type of pain do chiropractors treat?

If it hurts, we typically treat it. Our chiropractic treatments are an effective approach to alleviating back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches, accident injury pain and a wide variety of other chronic conditions.

Are chiropractic adjustments dangerous?

All of our chiropractors are Board Certified and ONLY use certified adjustment techniques which are extremely safe when administered correctly.

Will it hurt to get adjusted?

Depending on the condition, some adjustments can be tender but are followed by immediate relief. For most conditions, the adjustments are painless. If your condition causes a painful adjustment, we will adapt your treatment plan to a painless one.

Is it ok to get adjusted back to back days?

Absolutely! Sometimes consecutive treatments are necessary momentum for recovery.

How long before I start feeling better?

Some people respond instantly, whereas in some cases it may take a few weeks. It all depends on what the actual problem is,
how long the problem has been going on and many other factors.

Why do adjustments make a popping sound?

The “popping” sound or ‘cavitation’ is a release of gas from within the joint. That gas build-up limits the movement of the joint creating stiffness, inflammation, and subsequently pain.

What happens if I don’t “pop” during an adjustment?

Some people “pop” less or more than others. Some don’t “pop” at all. It is still effective as long as the spine moves.

Once I start coming for adjustments, do I have to come forever?

The original objective is to fix the problem that you present us with. Once that is achieved, we like to recommend a plan to prevent it from returning, This can be different for every patient.

I think I can do what the doctor just did at home… is it ok if I pop my own back/neck?

It is not recommended due to the fact that you are more than likely popping the same segment over and over, which creates instability, causing the need to self-adjust more. We would rather only adjust what’s needed, decreasing the need to “selfadjust” repeatedly.

Can you adjust me if I have scoliosis?

Of Course. It is important to have regular care, but even more so if you have scoliosis.

What condition does spinal decompression alleviate?

The most common conditions are Degenerative Disc Disease, Arthritis, Disc Herniation or bulges, failed back surgery, and chronic back pain.

Why is spinal decompression better than having surgery and fixing it?

Although surgery may “fix it”, it is known that if you remove a part of your body or insert something foreign, your body will eventually have to compensate for it. We believe in trying to let the body heal itself first.

Is there a risk involved with spinal decompression therapy?

There are no risks but we like to do a test drive first to make sure your pain is no too severe to commit to treatment and that you are comfortable on the table. Therefore, we offer a free trial to every spinal decompression candidate.

How many visits for Spinal Decompression Therapy?

We start with the recommendation of 24 visits. Research shows 24 treatments is the minimum effective dose for recovery. Every patient is different, however, so we will tailor the treatment to your individual needs. You may benefit from additional sessions or only need a few to start feeling healthy again.

What does the laser actually do?

Laser therapy decreases inflammation while simultaneously stimulating blood flow and cellular activity of the injured tissue to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal. The effects of laser energy include improved healing time, pain reduction, increased circulation and decreased swelling.

Can I get adjusted if I’m pregnant?

Most definitely! A woman’s body goes through incredible transformations during pregnancy. Prenatal chiropractic care can assist moms in having a successful pregnancy and birthing process.

Can kids or babies get adjusted?

Yes! We see kids as young as a few days old. An adjustment can help relieve feeding problems, sleep disturbances, ear infections, colic, and increase the comfort of an infant.

Why do babies get adjusted?

The birthing process can be quite traumatic. So we like to make sure your baby, and mother, are starting off straight after delivery. Then, as children grow and develop, we want to make sure your child is moving optimally so that there are no developmental delays or dysfunction with normal daily tasks.

What type of massage therapy do you offer?

We offer deep tissue, trigger point, Swedish, sport, and prenatal massages. We offer massages at all of our locations.

Can I keep my clothes on during massage?

Certainly, if that is your preference.


Patient Success Stories

[fusion_testimonials design=”clean” backgroundcolor=”#f2f7f7″ textcolor=”#32404a” random=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” id=””][fusion_testimonial name=”Dave F.” avatar=”none” image=”” image_border_radius=”” company=”” link=”” target=”_self”]

I highly recommend Dr. Stanlick to anyone seeking treatment. Since starting treatment with Dr. Stanlick, my chronic neck and back pain has been significantly reduced. Before I started treatment, I used to stay in pain most of the time and it would take several days to recover from over-exertion. Now I am pain-free most of the time and when I do have pain, my recovery time is measured in hours. His staff is always friendly and easy to deal with – I actually look forward to my appointments! And don’t miss out on the awesome massages!

[/fusion_testimonial][fusion_testimonial name=”Linda S.” avatar=”none” image=”” image_border_radius=”” company=”” link=”” target=”_self”]I was recommended by a friend to Dr. Mitch Stanlick. After x-rays, Dr. Stanlick said he could help me, just the words I wanted to hear. He began adjusting my lower back and the sciatic nerve on a weekly basis. I am continuing treatments on fewer visits now. I know I am on the road to recovery. Dr. Stanlick has a wonderful office staff. They are professional and very accommodating. I have been very impressed with Dr. Stanlick’s staff. If you need a good caring chiropractor then you need to make an appointment today with Dr. Mitch Stanlick.[/fusion_testimonial][fusion_testimonial name=”Keith W.” avatar=”none” image=”” image_border_radius=”” company=”” link=”” target=”_self”]I use to have aches and pains in my lower back that limited my daily activities as well as workouts. Dr. Stanlick explained to me, in terms that I could understand, the source of my back pain and his method of treatments to correct those pains in my lower back. Thanks to Dr. Stanlick, I no longer have to limit my workouts due to nagging aches and pains in my lower back that usually occur the next day. I have often recommended Stanlick Chiropractic to friends. It is such a pleasure visiting Dr. Stanlick and his staff.[/fusion_testimonial][/fusion_testimonials]

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