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Stanlick Chiropractic — Barfield

Recognizing a need to serve the South Murfreesboro area, Stanlick Chiropractic expanded. Our newest location, referred to as our Barfield Office, opened July 2019 and is located on Veterans Parkway, near the Church Street intersection. Dr. Jon Sheridan has continued the high-quality of care that is expected at ALL Stanlick Chiropractic locations. Our South Murfreesboro office also offers spinal decompression therapy and laser treatments, provided by two amazing staff members!


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Dr. Jon Sheridan


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What Our Patients Say

“Dr. Jon and the entire staff is AMAZING. They listened, took xrays, came up with a treatment plan before they ever touch you. Which, in my opinion, is absolutely critical. I have a chemo port on the upper sight side of my chest and cannot lay facedown and they have accommodated that with no problem.”

– Jennifer Smith

“I came in with the terrible pain and they got rid of it completely. The staff are wonderful, caring, and very professional. I would recommend them as a five star service!”

– Gina Lanning

“I’ve been to many chiropractors and Stanlick is by far the best! They get to know you on a personal level and want to honestly get you better and get you moving properly! I absolutely love the days that I get to come here and get my adjustments! I definitely recommend them to anyone!”

– Zachary Lederman