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Love working with Dr. Mark and the amazing staff at this location. I avoided chiropractors for many years because I didn’t believe some of the ridiculous tests and suspect diagnosis’. Dr. Mark showed me exactly what he was seeing and really listened to how I felt to find it. As a skeptic of the field at first, I 100% recommend them!
Dr. Mark and the staff at the Fortress location are unbelievable. They are all very friendly and prompt. Dr. Mark has a genuine personality and authentic care for his patients. He is concerned with everyone being their best and doing what he can to steer them in that direction.
Dr. Webb is awesome! The perfect balance of informal and professional. It is great to be able to see with my own eyes the improvements via x-ray. Down to earth treatment that is more than just helping you feel better, but showing you how.
Well, where does one start? I guess the beginning is as good a place as any. Around 2014/2015 circumstances warranted me to seek help for some serious back issues, a friend suggested seeing a chiropractor and recommend Dr. Stanlick I made an appointment, and to make a long story short I was in for my weekly appointment this morning. I really can’t say enough about the whole office staff… they’re the absolute best! My work dictates frequent schedule changes and I’ve never had an issue rescheduling an appointment or making a last-minute appointment. Thanks to Dr. Stanlick I’m in way better shape than when I started and I actually look forward to my visits. The care I’ve received has been first-rate and I’m thankful for it. So to Dr. Stanlick and ALL the staff… THANK YOU!
I went to visit Dr. Stanlick with almost no hope of avoiding a 4 vertebral cervical fusion bc of degenerative disc disease. He recommended spinal decompression combined with regular adjustments. I walked in the door with a constant pain level from 9-10 and with minimal range of motion and today, after completing all recommended treatments, am almost entirely pain-free. He, quite literally, changed my life.
Dr. Cash has been working with me for a year and I couldn’t be happier. He’s kind and goes above and beyond to carefully treat my neck and lower back pain. He makes sure to educate me on my X-rays and we decide on a plan together. I’m never pushed. I’ve also found the deep tissue massages to be extremely helpful and I’m so glad I can go in for an adjustment, then walk to the back for a massage. 10/10 recommend.
For years, I have had chronic back pain. After speaking with my lifelong chiropractor in another state, he recommended treatment only Stanlick offers locally. I’m now 90% pain-free 2 weeks in and extremely impressed with the entire office!! I highly recommend!! Thanks, Dr. Bills!
Amazing customer/patient service. I have never been to a doctor’s office where everyone is SO HAPPY. 10/10 recommend! I was treated by Dr. Bills. He was very thorough and answered all of my questions, told me exactly what was going on with my back, and gave me an awesome adjustment.
I have been seeing Dr. Cash since I was in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy. I had hip & lower back pain, I saw him once or twice/week & he recommended a Boppy wedge pillow to sleep at night. Now, I’m almost 3 months postpartum & I’m seeing him once or twice/week because my spine is struggling with carrying around extra weight all the time. They hooked me up with a cervical wedge to try to get the curve back in my neck & I’ll be getting biweekly massages to loosen the muscles. The front desk is always upbeat & they always greet me by name! Super thankful for Stanlick Chiropractic & Dr. Cash! Thanks, guys!
I went to Dr. Stanlick unable to stand up straight due to spinal compression. After my initial treatment plan, I am feeling so much better. My back hasn’t felt this good in a long time. Awesome team at the Northfield location. ❤️❤