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My name is Carl Hudgens, and I am a paramedic with the Rutherford County Ambulance Service. I have always been extremely skeptical where chiropractic care was concerned. However, after visiting a neurosurgeon and having several out patient procedures done, I was told there was little that could be done to alleviate my pain. I continued and ultimately my pain returned. A friend recommended Dr. Stanlick and at this point I felt I really had nothing to lose. What I found after my very first visit was that I had gained back everything. I was pain free. I am continuing to visit Dr. Stanlick and have 100% faith that my back aches and pains are forever a thing of the past. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.
I highly recommend Dr. Stanlick to anyone seeking treatment. Since starting treatment with Dr. Stanlick, my chronic neck and back pain has been significantly reduced. Before I started treatment, I used to stay in pain most of the time and it would take several days to recover from over-exertion. Now I am pain-free most of the time and when I do have pain, my recovery time is measured in hours. His staff is always friendly and easy to deal with – I actually look forward to my appointments! And don’t miss out on the awesome massages!
I was recommended by a friend to Dr. Mitch Stanlick. After x-rays, Dr. Stanlick said he could help me, just the words I wanted to hear. He began adjusting my lower back and the sciatic nerve on a weekly basis. I am continuing treatments on fewer visits now. I know I am on the road to recovery. Dr. Stanlick has a wonderful office staff. They are professional and very accommadating. I have been very impressed with Dr. Stanlick’s staff. If you need a good caring chiropractor then you need to make an appointment today with Dr. Mitch Stanlick.
My nine year old had been suffering from severe migraine headaches for the last year or so. Our pediatrician prescribed several different medications…all of them had adverse side affects…and none of them completely cured the headaches. I called Dr. Stanlick out of desperation, and after only a few visits, my son’s headaches were gone! I am forever grateful to Dr. Stanlick. Our 2 year old was suffering from ear pain and multiple ear infections, so my pediatrician recommended tubes. In an effort to avoid surgery, I called Dr. Stanlick. He saw my son immediately, diagnosed the problem, and began treatment on him. My son’s ears are now fine, and we never got tubes. Thank you Dr. Stanlick.
I use to have aches and pains in my lower back that limited my daily activities as well as workouts. Dr. Stanlick explained to me, in terms that I could understand, the source of my back pain and his method of treatments to correct those pains in my lower back. Thanks to Dr. Stanlick, I no longer have to limit my workouts due to nagging aches and pains in my lower back that usually occur the next day. I have often recommended Stanlick Chiropractic to friends. It is such a pleasure visiting Dr. Stanlick and his staff.
I’m 57 years old and trying to remain as active as possible. But, as I get older, injuries and nagging aches and pains are more of an issue than they were in my past. I first started receiving chiropratic treatments almost 20 years ago for a chronic neck problem and soon became a believer in chiropractic care. Over the years I have received treatment from several chiropracters and Dr. Stanlick is definitely the best!In addition to my regular spinal adjustments, he has frequently adjusted my shoulders, wrists, elbows and feet. These treatments enable me to maintain an active lifestyle and a consistant exercise regimen.
The adjustments are very effective and, just as important to me, Dr. Stanlick educates me as to what is going on with my body and what I can do to maintain it.

His staff is friendly and efficient and I recommend Dr. Stanlick to everyone!

My husband has seen chirporactors for years in Mufreesboro. We are so greatful he finally found Dr. Stanlick for the both of us. My husband can be a bit chatty and prefers to visit a little with his health care providers, me–I like to get in and out asap. We have found Dr Stanlick has the perfect balance and bedside manner to meet both of our needs while at the same time providing execptional, thorough care. His front office staff is like none other we have ever seen. Our primary care providers have 10 people behind the front desk hidden behind the ‘big sliding glass windows’ and none of them smile or could care less about how you are doing. Dr. Stanlick however, has a few sunny, kind faces that juggle their multiple task with ease and make every single caller or visitor feel important and comfortable. After two visits, I mentioned to my husband how incredible the staff was and he said he too couldn’t believe how welcoming they were no matter what the conversation: scheduling, billing, follow up calls, etc. They are awesome! If every Dr had a staff like that, they world be a better place! Thanks for making us feel better and making the process of getting better a pleasent one!
Allergies, Asthma and Headaches testimonialI am writing this letter as a testimonial of the chiropractic care that my daughter, Maggie and I have received at Stanlick Chiropractic.

Just a little background on each of us…I am 43 and have had headaches for several years now and was diagnosed about 3 years ago with Migraine headaches for which I was prescribed a preventative, Nortriptylene. This medicine was to be taken every night. It lessened the frequency of the headaches, but never the intensity. I took this medicine for about 2 ½ years.

I stopped taking my migraine medicine on January 5th after only seeing Dr. Stanlick 5 times. My headaches now are very few and far between and are not considered migraines.

My daughter, Maggie had more serious issues when we started at Dr. Stanlick’s. She just turned 16 and was on a daily regimen of Singulair, Zyrtec, Dulera (inhaler) and sometimes a boost of Prednisone. She also has an Ibuterol inhaler for emergencies.

Several years ago, when Maggie was about 10, she was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma and given an Ibuterol inhaler for use when she played sports and couldn’t breathe as a result of the over exertion. Over the years, her breathing became worse and she had to use the inhaler more and more frequently. You are only supposed to use this type of inhaler once or twice a week. Maggie was using it several times a day. She also developed a chronic running nose, with sneezing, stuffy head, infected sinuses, sore throats (never strep), eye infections related to sinuses and headaches.

In November, 2009, she developed walking pneumonia. Her symptoms happened in the middle of the night. She could not catch her breath and was in panic mode. It got so bad that we had to go outside in the cool air to try and open her airway until we got her inhaler. Once we got to the doctor, a breathing treatment was administered and she was told to use her inhaler 4 times a day and she was put on Singulair at this time. After this, her pneumonia was almost gone, but breathing still did not come easy.

Over the course of the next 6 months, we went through Singulair prescriptions, allergy pills, much Kleenex and several trips to the doctor because of feeling poorly.

In October, 2010, we went to see an allergist/asthma doctor who after a few breathing tests determined that Maggie had severe asthma. He also felt she had some skin allergies but wanted to get her asthma under control first. That was when, in addition to Singulair, we began taking Zyrtec at night and Dulera (inhaler) 4 puffs a day and a 10 day regimen of Prednisone. We saw a little improvement with her breathing, but not enough to take her off the medicine. Twice she was taken off Zyrtec so that allergy testing could be done and twice her symptoms became so bad that the testing could not be done.

Maggie started going to Dr. Stanlick the first week of January and on January 17th, she quit taking her Singulair. About 2 weeks later, she cut back to 2 puffs a day on the inhaler and then 1 week after that she began to forget to take the inhaler until she wasn’t taking it at all.

We have had no breathing issues, no headaches, no eye infections, very minimal sneezing, 1 sore throat caused by a cold and no runny nose to speak off.

We are down to 1x a week with Dr. Stanlick and doing great. I didn’t know much about chiropractic care, but I’m a believer of what it can do and have seen first hand what it has done for me and my daughter.

Dr. Stanlick has been very open and honest with us from the very first visit. He explained everything that he was doing and what was going in our situation. It is amazing the way our bodies were created and that everything really does all work together to achieve one simple goal: good health.

Migraine HeadachesI started going to Dr. Stanlick about 6 weeks ago. I was having severe migraines and neck pain. After 6 weeks Dr. Stanlick has done for me what doctors for years have been unable to accomplish. For the first time in years my neck is not as stiff, my headaches are less often, and my back doesn’t ache every time I bend down. TheStanlick office staff is amazing. Always smiling and a pleasure to deal with. Never a long wait and Dexter gives the most amazing massage (can’t leave that part out).

General HealthI have been treated by Dr. Stanlick for almost two years now. I work in the healthcare field and would put Dr. Stanlick and his staff at the top of the list. I really like the way Dr. Stanlick takes his time and explains things to you. I have recommended him to several of my friends, co-workers and family.

HeachachesI suffered from chronic, daily headaches for over 2 years. I tried everything from meds to various doctor visits. Finally, someone told me I should go see a chiropractor. Dr. Stanlick and his wonderful staff not only welcomed me and made me feel right at home, he has relieved me of my headaches. They take the time to listen to your needs and will always work with your busy schedule. If you are looking for a chiropractor, this is the one. They are my heroes.

Migraine HeadachesI was recovering from viral meningitis when I first tried Dr. Stanlick. I had a lot of neck and head pain, which was unbearable, and I have a high pain tolerance. I had been prescribed about every kind of pain medication, which just masked my problems. My anxiety level was high, which was causing a lot of problems for me. I went to a psychiatrist, which only wanted to give me more drugs. All doctors wanted to do is switch my pain meds when I went back to tell them they were not working. I had always been afraid of chriopractic care, but several of my coworkers recommended Dr. Stanlick. I began my treatments in April, 4 times a week, then down to 3, 2, and now once a week. I am not on any meds and very rarely have any pain. My life is so much better now. Dr. Stanlick is a life saver, and really knows what he is doing. If you are on the fence about chiropractic care, I challenge you to give Dr. Stanlick a try. He won’t disappoint. Also, his staff is very friendly, helpful and detail oriented. I have never even had one negative experience there.