Being scared of a chiropractor is absolutely reasonable.

We’re being serious. In your worst imagination, you’ll envision a chiropractor as a well-built man with hands the size of dinner plates, and he’ll make your back snap-crackle-pop into excruciating pain. Just like how dentists are men hiding behind a mask and glinting glasses who stick drills into your mouth and also cause you excruciating pain. Both are supposed to leave you better than you came in, but the doubt you feel is justifiable. However, in both situations, the reality is very different than your nightmares.

There are other reasons for being afraid of seeing a chiropractor as well; cost can weigh on your mind, taking time out of your day can be stressful, and can we just talk about those horrible popping sounds? For those who are nervous about seeing a chiropractor, here are the rebuttals for every objection you have about seeing a chiropractor.

Don’t Adjustments Hurt?

Your short answer? No. The number of people who ask that question to chiropractors is unreal; back pain hurts, adjustments do not. In fact, people who have had adjustments will tell you that not only are they pain-free, they also provide fantastic relief.

We also want to stress that you can, at any time, tell your chiropractor if you’re uncomfortable. As a professional, they will always listen to you and strive to ensure that your experience is a positive one.

I’m Scared An Adjustment Isn’t Safe…

Actually, the adjustments are very safe. Don’t take our word for it; there have been many studies performed on potential side effects of a chiropractic adjustment. It’s a hot topic in the medical community, so studies and data on chiropractic work are exploding yearly.

The most common negative side effect of a chiropractic adjustment is muscle soreness. I know you’re thinking, “What? I’m going to a chiropractor to help relieve soreness…” But if you think about it, anything that needs to heal will be sore or uncomfortable during its process; it’s how your body lets your brain know how it’s doing. And even the most common side effect of a chiropractic adjustment isn’t that common. According to a 2017 study in the Journal of Musculoskeletal Science and Practice, soreness only occurs in 11.3% of people who are adjusted.

I Don’t Want Some Random Person Touching Me.

That’s a fair point; everyone is entitled to their personal space. However, there are a few things to be said about this.

First, a chiropractor is a doctor. They’re licensed, and they spent roughly nine years in school to get their degree to practice. If you have any doubts at all about your chiropractor, just ask about their license.

Secondly, as with all doctor visits, communication is key. If at any point you’re uncomfortable, you can tell the chiropractor, and he’ll listen to you.

Third, an adjustment doesn’t always happen on a first visit, so you’ll have time to meet your doctor, build a rapport with them, and truly understand if their services can help you.

I Don’t Know If A Chiropractor Can Help Me.

One of the more common phrases a patient says when they visit a chiropractor for the first time is, “I don’t know if you can help me, but…” That doubt is very common in people and as knowledge of what a chiropractor does isn’t well-known to the public, it’s a reasonable question.

Keeping in mind that chiropractors are doctors and have spent years of schooling, they know much more about the human body than an average person. If you explain what concerns you’re having, they’ll be able to listen to you and appropriately explain if they can help.

Chiropractors Are Expensive.

There’s a saying, “if you don’t have health, then you have nothing.” Sometimes doctor visits can be expensive, and even co-pays can add up, but spending money on smaller things will save you money in the long-term. The idea here is that a visit to the chiropractor can save you money on back surgery.

However, you shouldn’t need to stress about money; most insurances cover a chiropractor visit, and a lot of chiropractic offices have a free initial consultation where they can diagnose you and report to your insurance if treatments are recommended.

Even if you don’t have insurance, many chiropractors work with patients on a budget. They can often help set up payment plans and guide you towards treatments that will be the best for your money.

I’ve Heard That Once You Start Going To A Chiropractor, You Can Never Stop.

That’s a myth. You may want to never stop going to a chiropractor once you feel how great an adjustment can make you feel,  but once a treatment is over, visiting a chiropractor for tune-ups isn’t a necessity.

Sure, everyone can benefit from time-to-time adjustments, but that goes for people who have never visited a chiropractic office and for people who’ve been through treatments alike.

Nobody Has Time For A Chiropractic Visit!

And nobody has time to be slowed down by back pain or surgery.

A chiropractic visit can save you more time than you’re taking off of work by simply diagnosing potential problems before they start slowing you down.

Nobody wants to find their fun interrupted by back pain, and taking a bit of time out of your busy life can allow you to keep going full steam during the times that you’d like to.

That Snap-Crackle-Pop Sound Gives Me The Heebie-Jeebies.

Condylacousticophobia. There’s not much to do about a general fear of the sound of your bones popping.

However, what we can tell you is that that sound is a normal sound that’s made when a joint is adjusted. It’s not breaking anything, it’s not dangerous, and it generally helps put joints back into place. All it all, that sound means that you’re about to feel some pain relief.

I’m Too Young To Visit A Chiropractor.

Did you know that newborns benefit from chiropractic adjustments? There’s no such thing as being too young to visit a chiropractor. It’s fairly common for kids who play sports to be brought in for adjustments as they’re very active, and an exam can prevent future problems.

If infants and children visit chiropractors, then there’s no reason that you can possibly be too young.

On a similar note, many elderly people aren’t aware that chiropractors can benefit them too! Chiropractic adjustments and massages can expand their mobility and keep them active even as they age.

My Friend Can Pop My Back, So Why Should I Visit A Chiropractor?

Chiropractors are doctors, and their service provides much more than a temporary back popping. A chiropractor can examine you with a medical eye and determine the problem that may not be solved by just having your back cracked.

On that note, it’s always a good idea to have a professional fix your issues. This goes for many things in life, but when we’re discussing medical concerns, we can’t stress the idea of professional help enough.

I’m An Athlete, So I Don’t Need A Chiropractor.

Most professional athletes actually spend time at chiropractors. Chiropractors are experts at body movement and knowing what will and won’t cause injury. Because of their extensive knowledge of the human body, they can help athletes improve their stats such as balance and coordination, which will help them on the field.

And don’t forget to have a good chiropractor handy in case an injury does happen. Recovering from a sports injury without a chiropractor is a rookie mistake, and it will keep you out of the game much longer than you’d like to be.

I’m Not In Pain, Why Would I Visit A Chiropractor?

Many people believe that chiropractors are only for people suffering from back and nerve pain. Pain is actually the body’s last resort of telling you that something is wrong. Your back and neck can be breaking down for years and years before it starts complaining.

That’s generally where the stereotype of older people visiting the chiropractor come from. They continue on each day with their habits of poor posture and not taking care of themselves until they start to hurt.  Understanding the habits and causes before they start causing you pain will easily help you in the future.

I’ve Visited A Chiropractor Before, And It Didn’t Help.

Think about back pain; did it show up one day out of the blue? Chances are, it didn’t. Back pain starts small and builds up over time; the healing process is the same. A single adjustment probably won’t alleviate your pain once and for all.

Sure, an adjustment will give you relief, but chiropractors will give you advice and exercises to do at home. These aren’t just for kicks and giggles; the chiropractor is giving you homework to improve yourself and reduce the amount of time you spend in his office.

I Don’t Know What To Expect From A Chiropractor Visit.

As with all doctors, your initial chiropractor visit will be a discussion. This is where you can express any concerns you may have, and you can ask your chiropractor what they plan to do to treat your specific issue. See if they can give you a schedule of expected treatments and results to have an understanding of how long you can expect to be visiting the chiropractor.

Remember that ultimately, a chiropractor is there to help you feel better. As a professional, they’ll listen to you and be open to discussing concerns.

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