When you hear that someone you know went to visit a chiropractor, this may at first sound like dire news. After all, chiropractors are highly specialized medical professionals. In the event of a terrible accident or back injury it is not uncommon for one to be consulted to prescribe treatment and provide guidance on how best to heal the back from a severe mishap. However, there is increasing evidence that a trip to the chiropractor may not just be for people on the mend from an unfortunate accident. Chiropractic has a formidable array of benefits that can help maintain good health and posture, even if you regularly stretch or engage in frequent exercise.

What Chiropractic Actually Does

As mentioned earlier, there is a tendency to assign chiropractic to the realm of emergency care, only meant to be resorted to after a possibly grievous back injury. The term chiropractic is more generally defined as a system of integrative medicine that is primarily concerned with the diagnosis and direct, manipulative treatment of the joints, particularly those related to the spinal column. The region of the back and spine is a nexus of vital tissue, muscle, and bone, making up a large part of your nervous system. How efficiently your brain transmits information and directives to the rest of your body is dependent on the health of this system. Because we need our bodies to typically function every day, it is easily possible for this network to become progressively suboptimal but have it escape our notice because of all the other things we are dealing in life. Because of the “mileage” that we accumulate throughout life, even if we are fortunate not to have an accident forcibly affect our back it may be slowly going slightly out of alignment without our noticing. Routinely going to see a chiropractor can catch any anomalies early and ensure that your body is operating at maximum potential.

The Dangers of Self-Alignment

It is entirely natural for us to stretch our bodies; at times it may even be involuntary. Whether we’re waking up, preparing for a run, or trying to get through a long day at work, it is not uncommon for us to stretch out tightness and inflexibility. Some people can stretch to the point that their joints and back audibly “pop” and creak with the effort. This too is a common practice, and many people do it to produce relief. However, it is still applying force to your spine/nervous system and in some cases can create alignment problems that mount over time. A trained chiropractor is well versed in applying specific amounts of pressure to correctly adjust the back. Popping one’s own back can be much more indiscriminate and apply force where it’s not needed, eventually causing a domino effect of misaligned bone and tissue. Taking time to consult a chiropractor regularly can ensure that we are not unintentionally doing our spines a disservice through what may seem like harmless daily wear and tear.

Other Benefits of Chiropractic

If one exercises regularly or plays sports, it is natural to assume that their back is stronger than average. However, by that same token, one who often engages in athletics is likely subjecting their bodies and notably their backs to more force, torsion, etc. Far from being exclusive to the injured or infirm, routine appointments with a chiropractor can help make sure athletes continue to operate at peak performance. Another tendency for many people is to lament that as they get older, their range of motion seems to be getting narrower and narrower. It is true that the aging process has a part in reducing our overall capacity for movement. However, misalignments in the back and neck can create undue hindrances in our activity that progressively become more pronounced over time, leading us to believe that it’s just part of getting older. Consulting a chiropractor may be able to restore range of motion through improved circulation of blood and nutrients throughout your body. One other understated benefit of chiropractic is its capacity for helping women going through pregnancy. It is well documented that the process of pregnancy can produce considerable discomfort over the entire process. It is such a given that for some there is an assumption that that’s “just the way things are.” However, there is increasing evidence that regular chiropractic can help pregnant women compensate and adjust to their rapidly changing center of gravity. When you consider the skill set of chiropractors beyond just healing injury, their services have the potential to offer various quality of life improvements.

It is commendable to perform regular stretches and exercise for the body. Doing so will prove invaluable toward your overall health and wellness quotient. However, even the most prudent and conscientious of drivers will bring their vehicles in for regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. And in the purview of human physiology, there are few machines as complex or mission-critical as the human spine. Speak with your doctor to determine if regular chiropractic visits are what you need to bring your wellness to the next level.

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